Pure Kitchen: Friendly healthy address in Ottawa

Pure Kitchen is truly the restaurant to please everyone. With an emphasis on healthy plant-based nourishment, Pure Kitchen challenges what many may assume of a typical veggie-based dining experience.

Whether you want a burger and fries, a green juice or a buddha bowl, this restaurant has it all. Pure is proud to call itself a ‘scratch kitchen’, with each menu item made fresh in-house and from entirely whole, natural ingredients. The food is designed to not only make your body feel good, but to challenge the traditions of western cooking and find innovation and inspiration in both old classics and multicultural cuisines. The menu is diverse, incorporating fusion dishes from all over the world such as pirogies, tacos, poutine and bibimbap. There is also a vegan option available for every non-vegan dish!

The inspiration behind Pure begins with co-owner and head chef Olivia Cruickshank’s childhood on the banks of Lake Ontario, watching her mother cook traditional (non-veggie) comfort food. As Olivia found her way to Ottawa, alongside husband and co-owner Kyle Cruickshank, the pair teamed up with the well-known Pure Yoga studios for a catering partnership. The team was a match made in heaven, so Olivia and Kyle joined forces with Pure Yoga permanently to open up a vegetarian restaurant that could serve and satisfy both the yogis and the public.

The restaurant has its roots in Westborough, a few doors down from Pure Yoga studios, but has since opened up locations on Elgin and in Kanata. Although each space has its own distinct charm, Pure offers a bright atmosphere, with a clean and colourful decor, as a casual dining scene for families and friends of all ages. Alongside good food and ingredients, Pure is a smart option if you are looking for welcoming service and group gatherings, especially compared to the abundance of meat-heavy pubs and restaurants in the neighbourhood. Be sure to make a reservation to guarantee a table!

Beyond fabulous food and good vibes, Pure Kitchen offers a full catering service, as well as a variety of Juice Cleanses. As the success from the restaurant snowballed, Chef Olivia even opened up an innovative cocktail bar above the Elgin location. She has also since partnered with the Parkdale Food Market and the Churchill Public School gardens to support and to source ingredients.  It truly is a brand with its focus on the well-being of the community. Eating at Pure Kitchen is nurturing to the soul, body and community!

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