Le Quartier Général: A very good bring your own wine restaurant on the Plateau

Opened in December 2009, Le Quartier Général is one of the city’s most popular bring your own wine restaurants where you can savour warm and comforting cuisine.

“We called ourselves Le Quartier Général due to a combination of circumstances; we were originally planning to open a related establishment called Le Magasin général. Eventually, Le Quartier Général did so well that the second project was cancelled and we decided to devote ourselves entirely to the first restaurant,” says Dominic Laflamme, co-owner of the establishment with Vincent Châtelais.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, rather discretely, at the corner of Brébeuf and Gilford streets. With the concept of taking bring your own wine to a higher level of quality through delicious cuisine that is both classic and creative, Le Quartier Général quickly built a following. Since then, the ownership duo has opened two other projects, l’État-Major and Pizzeria Heirloom.

Designed by Serge Labrie, the restaurant space is characterized by its large windows and warm atmosphere. With a seating capacity of about 50, the place has become a crowded landmark at noon and in the evening by its faithful clientele of regulars. After so many years of success, the place is one of the best bring your own wine places in town, as well as one of our favourite BYOB addresses in Montreal.

In the kitchen, Benoît Breton creates inventive and comforting market cuisine that remains very accessible. “Benoît designs the menu according to the flavours he likes, while respecting the need to please as many customers as possible. We cater to an eclectic clientele, from young retirees and parents with families to true foodies; we want there to be something for everyone.”

Although the menu makes room for something new every week or so, the restaurant keeps its classics that have made the place famous: beef tartare, Gaspor piglet, veal chop and foie gras. Dishes that, although they’re fixtures on the menu, are constantly evolving.

For Dominic, Le Quartier Général is one in its own right; a warm landmark, where a clientele of regulars gather on a daily basis. “I love the familiarity I have with the people who come here. I love talking to them, finding out what they bring to drink, the fact that they know each other now and talk to each other. The human connection is really unique here!”

Le Quartier Général is a warm bring your own wine address to discover. We love its simple and delicious cuisine, its very friendly atmosphere and the warm welcome that the owners extend. Note, during the holiday season, the address is open on December 24th and 31st!

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