Godot: A very good neighborhood restaurant on Wellington

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Godot on Wellington is a delightful nod to Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot.” Two former servers, Alexandra-Cally Thibaudeau and Harold Brunet-Stringer, who had always dreamed of opening their own restaurant, patiently awaited their opportunity, and finally, Godot arrived!

On the menu, you’ll find delicate dishes crafted with finesse using local ingredients. The menu offers indulgent dishes meant for sharing, varying with the seasons. “The menu changes frequently, but the dishes always remain colorful and eclectic, with weekly specials,” explains Alexandra-Cally. We tried the Godot Poutine, made with creamy potatoes, fried halloumi, and a completely decadent homemade gravy. We couldn’t help but lick our fingers after savoring the curry mussels served with homemade naan bread. The scallop crudo, both tender and vibrant, evoked summer with its orange and carrot vinaigrette. “We have excellent chefs in the kitchen who are so creative,” mentions Alexandra-Cally proudly. Indeed, Jarred Dow, who created the menu, enjoys reimagining classics by modernizing them and working them with masterful technique. We recommend going with friends and tasting a bit of everything because everything was truly delicious while still being quite affordable for the quality of the ingredients used. The cocktail menu follows the same philosophy by playfully reinventing classics in a funky and amusing way. The short but well-chosen selection of private import wines offers affordable options for every budget.

The decor, carefully designed by Alexandra-Cally, is minimalist without being cold, with notes of green, gold, and marble. Every detail of the restaurant’s sixty seats has been meticulously thought out, from the comfortable chairs to the welcoming banquettes. The front-of-house team added a touch of charm to our experience, making our visit to Godot even more enjoyable. Godot was a delightful surprise and definitely worth venturing a bit further south on Wellington to savor the inventive and delicious creations of this wonderful restaurant.

Happy discovering!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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