Cyril Kérébel: For the love of wine

Cyril Kérébel

Founded 13 years ago, La QV is one of the most outstanding agencies in Quebec. Whether in our favourite restaurants or bars, on the shelves of the SAQ or in mixed cases, La QV has made its place in the Quebec wine world and its reputation is well established.

Cyril Kérébel, a Breton by birth and passionate about Quebec’s terroir, is at the helm of this great company.

A brief history

Like many, Cyril started out in the restaurant industry and then moved on to the vast world of wine. He started out in a wine shop in Brittany before going to work in an Alsatian vineyard. There, he met a Quebecois woman who marked the beginning of his adventure in the Belle Province.

When he arrived in Quebec, he worked at the Laloux restaurant, now defunct, which he considered to be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal at the time. He then moved to the famous Pullman wine bar, where he shared his knowledge with renowned sommelier Véronique Dalle, while simultaneously launching the adventure of La QV.

Foundation of La QV

At the beginning, his portfolio mainly featured winemakers from France. Why France? “I first worked with winemakers I knew from my experience as a wine merchant, then I extended my network by establishing a bond of trust with all our winemakers.”

From the very beginning, La QV’s mandate was to be the best possible ambassador for the winemakers it represents in Quebec and to promote their passion and love of the profession, no matter where they come from.

Thanks to La QV, we now discover winemakers from all over the world. From France to Canada, passing through Spain, Italy, Austria, and Portugal, as well as Argentina, Moldavia, Slovenia, and New Zealand, the agency’s portfolio offers a journey that is sure to make you thirsty! The New World and the Old World come together here to introduce Quebecers to unique products of superb quality. 

The terroir, first and foremost!

Through his selection, Cyril presents clean wines, produced with methods that respect nature; he works with winemakers who are concerned with sustainable development in the production of their wines. The mission of the import house is defined as follows: “Because you should drink everything, but not just anything!” More and more, this desire to be more conscientious about our consumption is appearing, right down to our glasses. “At the QV, we like it when nature expresses itself freely.” Through their portfolio, the team seeks to promote the reflection of other regions in Quebec: “Our common goal is to offer unique products that convey a story.”

Promoting products from here and elsewhere

Having fallen in love with Quebec’s terroir upon his arrival, Cyril and his team share a desire to promote the beautiful products of Quebec. Thus, the much-admired Les Pervenches vineyard is proudly part of the agency’s Quebecois list.

Recently, ciders have been added to the portfolio for an enticing diversity that also reflects Cyril’s preferences. Here we recognize the Cidrerie Choinière, located in the Eastern Townships, which produces farmhouse ciders so crisp you’d think you were biting into an apple.

It doesn’t stop there! The QV also offers beautiful spirits made in France and Quebec. You can taste the products of the Distillerie de Québec, which offers a wide range of spirits for all tastes: vodka, dry gin, aged gin or brandy. On the French side, we enjoy a very good calvados from Domaine Roger Groult, distilled in Pays D’Auge (Normandy).

Good wine for everyone

Over the years, La QV has also made its way onto the shelves of the SAQ. The recognizable red label has been placed on the shelves of the stores to allow individuals to recognize the beautiful bottles carefully selected by the agency.

The QV website has been revamped this week to facilitate private import purchases. Visit it right here to make a multitude of enticing discoveries.

With passion, professionalism, and ambition, it is certain that the success of La QV is just beginning. Cheers!

Photography by La QV

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