Maison Kam Fung: A Brossard staple

Residents of Brossard are lucky to have access to all kinds of traditional restaurants, whether they are Vietnamese, Thai or Japanese! La Maison Kam Fung is an example of an authentic restaurant in the city: the establishment offers a real overseas trip both through its overall experience and its plates.

Veronica Kwan is the third generation to work in the family business and is the owner of Maison Kam Fung, a large restaurant on Taschereau Boulevard. “My grandfather opened the restaurant in 1979 on Clark Street in Montreal,” she says proudly. Her father took over the restaurant in 1994 and moved in 2002 to a location on Saint-Urbain Street that is now known as Kim Fung. Since 2009, the Kam Fung restaurant is proudly established in the Kim Phat complex in Brossard.

The location looks like a gigantic reception hall: 500 seats. And believe it or not, there can be a line to get a table! The restaurant is the ideal place to eat in a group of six or eight people. The decor mostly consists of gold dragons and red velvet. It’s not the place for a quiet and mellow atmosphere, but rather a place where you go to have an out of this world dining experience!

As for the food… where to start? The menu hasn’t changed since the beginning of Kam Fung restaurant. However, we advise you to go for the dim sum, which is a kind of Chinese brunch. The waiters move from table to table with carts full of exquisite food and introduce flavours and textures that you could only taste in Ms. Kwan’s home country. Dim sum is offered 7 days a week every morning and in the evening, the menu becomes a la carte and there is no shortage of options either! There is a huge selection of steamed or fried dumplings, fried chicken feet, tripe, congee (a rice porridge topped with a 100 year old egg), silken tofu with ginger syrup, and so much more. If these items don’t entice you, don’t worry, there are also more conventional choices such as pork dumplings, shrimp, general Tao chicken dishes or pad thaï. Something to please the adventurous and more conservative palates alike!

We highly recommend the ginger lobster and sticky rice, and the siu mai (steamed pork and shrimp dumplings). If you’re a squab fan, there’s one on the menu for $20 – quite a bargain! That’s not the only deal available at the restaurant: ask about the lunch and dinner specials, you can easily get away with an average of $10-15 per person for food. Beautiful, good, and usually cheap, it’s a crowd pleaser!

On the drinks side, there is a liquor menu where you can find beers, cocktails, wines and sakes. Without private importation, the choice of alcohol is humble, but good.

Veronica told us many times that she is proud to offer a space where families can come in large groups to dine without breaking the bank, and have a great dining experience. This is by far our favourite aspect as well! Each visit to Kam Fung in Brossard is a journey in and of itself, and is always a lovely experience!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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