Deux Becs: Tasty Donuts in Brossard

A new spot emerged in Brossard in January 2024, bringing with it an explosion of vibrant flavors. Deux Becs, led by Art Romero, Philip Penalosa, and Dean Scully, is more than just a donut shop – it’s a haven for artisanal sweets and a true labor of love for the team.

Art Romero, originally from Los Angeles and trained as a chef, found his true passion after a decade in the medical field. It was at McKiernan, alongside the Joe Beef group, where he discovered his calling and developed a fondness for donuts. Climbing the ranks in the kitchen, he eventually shifted focus to pastry, where his talent and creativity blossomed, leading him to become the restaurant’s pastry chef for several years.

The journey of Deux Becs began with pop-ups organized with his friend Philip Penalosa, owner of Café Kuya. Art’s unique and daring creations quickly garnered more attention than expected. When the opportunity arose to open their own shop next to the café, Art and Phil seized the chance to create a place where donuts reign supreme.

The cozy space, shared with a Ca Lem branch, is nestled in a small shopping center. “Strip malls in Los Angeles always have nice discoveries. Donuts have always been a staple there, where small gems are found in a laid-back, authentic atmosphere. Just simple, good stuff!” explains Art. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of Deux Becs is reflected in every detail, from the skate and surf videos playing on the TV to the lively conversations between the team and customers.

Extraordinary Flavors

At Deux Becs, donuts are not just pastries – they are mouthwatering works of art meticulously crafted to tantalize taste buds and showcase Art’s creativity. From classic flavors like citrus (orange, lime, grapefruit) glazed donuts to innovative creations inspired by Mexican candies (mango and Tajín), each bite is surprising and bursting with flavor. The guava donut, reminiscent of the Caribbean, remains a favorite. The ube donut – featuring a vibrant purple hue from the Filipino root – is definitely the most popular at Deux Becs.

What sets Deux Becs apart is its commitment to quality and community. With a small yet dedicated team, each donut is handmade with utmost care and the finest ingredients. Art aims for his shop to be more than just a place to buy pastries – he wants it to be a gathering spot where people can relax, connect, and share good times together.

We had the chance to indulge (maybe a bit too much!) in their donuts, and they were all fabulous, but what really stood out was the contagious energy of Art and Phil. “Our goal is really to build a community and friendships with the people who come in here; we love to interact and connect with our customers,” emphasizes the passionate owner. Here, each donut tells a story, and every visit is an invitation to become part of the family.

Here’s to continued success!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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