Are you looking for an original, affordable and unique gift?

You can now offer a one-year subscription to our incredible map to anyone looking to discover the best local addresses!

Subscription Gift : Right on time for the Holiday Season

Offer the Tastet+ card as a gift!!!

What is the map? It’s an incredible tool that will help you find the best establishments according to your desires.

See the map in action; links to our instagram highlights here.

The holiday elf will deliver your subscription gift…

In the form of a personalized festive message, in the language of your choice, on the desired date (the same as the selected start date of the subscription).

How to personalize your subscription gift?

Fill in the fields below with the email of the special recipient. You can also add a personalized message and a naughty signature (or not) to your gift!

Want to give it to everyone?

You can add multiple recipients, with the “The gift starts” button. However, if you have a long list of names to enter, we will help you! Please contact us here.

Tastet team loves you!

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