If we talk about it, it’s good. This is Tastet’s mission since 2012.

Referring the right customers to the right establishments according to their desires. This is our vision.

That’s why our team tries all the establishments listed on our website and rates them according to an objective analysis grid.

In addition to writing a specific article for each address, allowing you to discover the best local addresses, we enter a multitude of information about each address in our database. We have thought about the most relevant information in order to create a variety of search filters. This is how we are able to recommend establishments for specific occasions or to filter our addresses according to particularities (for example, if the address has a terrace, accepts groups, children or allows you to privatize its room!)

The Tastet map is the beginning of the adventure: mobile application, hyper-personalized recommendations (we want all your outings to be successful thanks to our recommendations!), personalized travel guides in other cities and +++. By purchasing our map, you’ll be helping us realize all these projects in the coming months!

We are a small team with big dreams of facilitating your decision-making. One project at a time, we are realizing our vision of referring the right customers to the right establishments, according to their desires.

Each subscription allows us to highlight the best of the local dining scene!
We support the restaurant industry, so can you!

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