Best French Patisseries: where to find French pastries in Montreal

Last update on 3 March 2021
best French patisseries françaises montréal

Best French Patisseries: where to find French pastries in Montreal

What distinguishes French patisseries from other bakeries and pastry houses are the elaborate culinary techniques and traditions they use to prepare each product. As proud Montrealers, it is only natural to embrace one of the finest points of French culture – their pastries. There is nothing better than stumbling upon a charming French patisserie, regardless of whether you are looking for a special something to tide over your afternoon sweet tooth or for a dessert to impress your dinner guests.

The only catch is knowing where to find the best French pastries, because these tasty delicacies require precise execution in the kitchen. Luckily, we have taken on the task of making a list of the best French patisseries in Montreal to save you the trouble of trial and error.

Not only are French pastries delicious, they also showcase a long history of impressive and refined culinary techniques that are native to French culture. As the corners of the world gradually grew closer together and French pastries became globally available, there have been many creative adaptations on the traditional dishes. However, as much as we appreciate innovative thinkers in the culinary world, this list is dedicated to the addresses that serve the classic pastries we know and love.

Ranging in from everything from Mille-Feuille and éclairs to macarons and Kouign Amann, it’s hard to imagine a moment in the day when a good quality French pastry couldn’t make the situation better.

If you are looking something a little more specific, check out our list of the best croissants in Montreal.  And if you’re hoping stay on the French theme, here is our list of the best French restaurants in the city.

If you know of an amazing French patisserie that we forgot to include in this list, please send us an email at [email protected] and let us know!

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Excited for their return Excited for their return Kouign Amann : une institution dans le Plateau Mont-Royal

Kouign Amann

Named after the incredibly buttery and delicious pastry from Brittany, Patisserie Kouign Amann is one our favourite spots to find high quality French pastries. Located on Mont-Royal Avenue, Kouign Amann is a classic neighbourhood pastry shop that is well worth a trip into the Mile End for. The cozy, casual and small interior adds to the traditional and authentic theme!
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Excited for their return Excited for their return

Café Bazin

Café Bazin is a charming French bistro-café hybrid in Westmount that sells very delicious French pastry classics. Their full menu of savoury French dishes also makes them a great place to enjoy your afternoon meal! In addition to the amazing food, the interior of this bistro is beautiful and perfectly compliments the refined dishes they serve.
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Excited for their return Excited for their return

Maison Christian Faure

Located at Place Royale in the heart of Old Montreal, Maison Christian Faure is one of the city’s best French pastry shops. La Maison was founded by the Master Pastry Chef Christian Faure, who is the recipient of several renowned awards. Although they are especially known for great French pastries, you will also encounter some other delicious treasures like brunch and chocolate soufflés.
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They're open! They're open! patrice patissier pâtisserie pastry montreal saint Henri

Patrice Pâtissier

This boutique pastry shop opened its doors in 2014, and it we are still celebrating. At Patrice Pâtissier, discover shelves of pure deliciousness: Kouign Amann, rolled brioches, canelés, scones, financiers, brownies, shortbread and cookies. It’s often very busy in here, speaking to just how delicious the pastries are. They also sell some products for those who would rather bake their own treats!
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