Grenadine : a great BYOB restaurant in the Latin Quarter

Update 19 July 2019   |   Published on 13 June 2019

Grenadine restaurant is just a few steps away from Montreal’s Place des Festivals, and offers a colourful concept that reflects the city’s creativity and multiculturalism – a BYOB restaurant with French cuisine and surprisingly,  Eastern inspirations.

In 2009, chef Alex Duchastel de Montrouge bought a small local restaurant on Hôtel-de-Ville Avenue from another pair of restaurateurs. The restaurant has used the  BYOB format for the past 3 decades, so Alex naturally inherited the BYOB format when he took over the establishment. For him,  BYOBs were not synonymous with inferior gastronomy as many people have come to believe over the years. Alex had a desire for his restaurant to be judged using the same criteria as any other restaurant with a wine list that compliments and inspires the chef’s cuisine.  To execute this goal, he has joined forces with chef Nicolas Desprès.

Every evening, from Wednesday to Saturday, the duo lead the team in the kitchen at Grenadine. Together, they create beautiful dishes that are are founded upon French culinary traditions and techniques, but you will also notice a unique twist inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern flavours on each plate. The menu has a special section dedicated to local game – we recommend trying the crispy deer roll! As an accompaniment to the mains, the house uses seasonal ingredients to ensure freshness and vibrant flavours, which you will certainly notice in their house made kimchi and baba ganoush. We also appreciate their tasting menu option, which you can enjoy for only $60!

Although there are a few dishes on the menu where pomegranate makes an appearance, the fruit is primarily incorporated into the restaurant’s name and decor. The interior of the restaurant is tinted red thanks the to the innovative red curtains that tint the sunlight as it comes through the windows. The wooden tables help create a friendly atmosphere where you feel comfortable coming, no matter the occasion. 

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, restaurant Grenadine is one of the best BYOBs in town, and it is an ideal place to spend an evening indulging in creative cuisine. 

© Photo Grenadine

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