Récolte Espace Local: eco-friendly, local and organic restaurant

Last update on 4 February 2019

La Récolte Espace Local is a restaurant that will open your eyes to the beauties of harvest cuisine – organic, local and responsible – delicious. This restaurant turns these eco-friendly products savoury and sexy, and therefore deserves some more recognition.

It all began after owners, Etienne and Lyssa, embarked on an East-West road trip through organic farms across the country. They were captured by the wonders of local and natural produce. In an expanse of thirty square feet, La Récolte Espace Local opened in July 2013 on rue Bélanger, near the Jean-Talon Market. The choice was made based on proximity to the market, which supplied their daily products: “we go to the market every day, often we walk back with our purchases, it’s very practical.

Owners Étienne Huot and Lyssa Barrera (Ex Kitchen Galerie and Chez Roger) and Denis Vukmirovic (Ex Feu Trois Petits Bouchons and Kitchen Galerie) have created a restaurant that celebrates only what you can find locally.

What does it mean to be local? All the food on your plate comes from right here. All of it. So you won’t find dishes that contain lemon, avocado, banana or other ingredients, but you’ll certainly not miss out on any ingenious  and appetizing flavours. “It takes a little more head-breaking work, but it just tastes better.” The menu includes about ten dishes, a few starters, a few main courses, and a very short selection of desserts; a simple and concise menu that offers the best of the best.

The three owners collaboratively design the menu to achieve the best possible result, but it is all executed by Etienne. Etienne, hidden behind the kitchen’s stoves, puts a lot of love into preparing your dishes. On the menu is a memorable brunch that changes weekly. The evening menu adjusts slightly every day, but changes more or less every two weeks or according to the season. The in house favourite? Duck – with roasted vegetables and gnocchi. “It was our dish that stayed the longest on the menu. »

In the dining room, Denis is in charge. Charming and skillful, he makes the ladies and gentlemen smile. The decor of the restaurant is very simple, nothing complicated. The result has its charm- the restaurant is humble and pretty. We could be at your aunt’s or her friend’s house, only with far more impressive food. With a reception area of 34 seats, the atmosphere of the Harvest Local Space is civilized. The establishment is one of those where you can actually hear yourself speak (these establishments are becoming increasingly rare). If tranquility is a requirement for you, you can come here with confidence.

For the wine list, Denis runs the show. The menu has private imports only. “We have the same philosophy as with our food: organic, biodynamic, natural. Our goal is to encourage good winegrowers who have good philosophies; we want to encourage the right people as with our food menu.” There are a dozen whites, a dozen reds, mainly between $40 and $60. You will find some cocktails, but they’re all made without the use of the most common cocktail ingredients. This requires a lot of creativity!

What we like best about the restaurant is definitely the surprise-aspect of every item on the menu. From foodie to casual diner, everyone will be charmed by the dishes served by this small address. Their exclusive use of local products makes it one of the best eco-responsible addresses in Montreal. The quality of the dishes and the attentive service make the Récolte Espace Local a remarkable restaurant.

“We love our customers. I’ve never had so many satisfied people, the fun, who bring in other interested, interesting people. I guess when you do something good you attract good people? The people who come to see us are ready for our philosophy and have good values, it’s really fun. »

You can book for the evening service or brunch at Récolte Espace Local. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday evening. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

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