Hopkins restaurant is as delicious as it is beautiful, and for anyone who loves to explore the intricacies of fine cuisine, Hopkins serves just that. The restaurant opened in June of 2017, and owners Liam Hopkins and Nicolina Servello have been breathing new life into the Monkland Village ever since. The duo teamed up to create the restaurant of their dreams- a picturesque dining setting that can only be truly experienced first hand.

Everything about Hopkins is rooted in Liam and Nicolina’s passion. From the name (named after Liam Hopkins) to the neighbourhood, Hopkins is built on a foundation of authenticity, passion and devotion. The two explained how their roots in Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grace area propelled them to bring their delicious food back into the neighbourhood. Liam explains how being able to bring the team’s “creativity and passion to a place as cool as the Monkland village” was the cherry on top of this culinary venture.

For the duo, the priority is always freshness. Liam is also the head chef at Hopkins, and the menu he has created is a celebration of timeliness, originality and tradition. The classic French inspired menu changes 3 to 4 times a year, rotating through dishes like Sea Bream Ceviche and Bone Marrow Creme Brulee. Liam tells us that the Duck Ravioli and charcuterie spread are two of their most popular items. The Hopkins tasting menu changes twice a week, so the kitchen is in a constant state of creation and innovation. Liam tells us that his personal favourite dish is the Rabbit Chasseur, as it comes with a strong sense of nostalgia for him. It is safe to say that any dish that you try at Hopkins will embody the flavours of the season and a sense of playfulness… and will of course be delicious.

A dining experience in this restaurant reaches beyond great tasting food- the 50 seat space has been beautifully designed from corner to corner by Nicolina herself. Open spaces, large windows, neutral colours and marble accents are tied together to exude elegance and comfort. This restaurant is an ideal setting for a romantic evening, or just to reconnect with loved ones over a delectable meal and glass of wine.

Speaking of wine, the continuously blossoming wine list is curated by sommelier Dan Lima. The list consists of 95% private imports, but also include some locally available labels. The wine at Hopkins ranges from classic representations of well known wine regions to more modern reinterpretations of these classics. Dan ensures to give spotlight to artisanal wine makers, and keeps pace with the constantly changing dining menu. The list favours more light bodied reds and rich whites, however there is no doubt that Hopkins has a wine for everyone.

Fear not if cocktails trump wine in your books, because Dan is also in charge of of the inventive and playful cocktail menu! Much like the wine list, the cocktails change alongside the dining menu, and showcase modern spins on classic favourites.

A true Hopkins experience can be summed up by the words of Nicolina. “The simple elegance of the room, the perfect cocktail prepared by the passionate team, the lighting in both the day and the evening and the exciting food experience created by the numerous talents in the kitchen.” Seeking to challenge and satisfy your dining nostalgia, Hopkins will reinvent the flavours you love in their beautiful venue.

© Photos Le Hopkins

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