Crème Fraîche: A new small bistro in Rosemont

Published on 15 March 2018

Crème Fraîche is a delightful neighbourhood bistro in Rosemont whose market-style cuisine is a wonderful reminder of the flavours many of us can associate with the south of France.

Crème Fraîche opened on 2 November 2017 with a team of straightforward French bon vivants and the genuine warmth of these owners is palpable all around. This bistro is somewhat of a small family business that has come together thanks to the Henni brothers and their partner Dani, and they can be credited with everything from the idea to the menu. The space is dominated by a very large U-shaped bar with an attractive wood countertop and an open kitchen to the side. The large floor-to-ceiling windows bring in the daylight and combined with the white flooring, chairs etc, provide a lighter contrast to the dark walls and ceilings and the result is attractive. It can accommodate 45 people and is quite intimate.

David Henni confides that above all, they wanted to recreate the warm atmosphere of a neighborhood bistro where people feel at home. And they have succeeded because Crème Fraîche is the perfect place to enjoy a drink along with a plate of charcuteries with friends or family in that « let’s go out for a bite to eat » style of eating.

Many of us probably use crème fraiche because it is a staple ingredient in French cuisine and by naming the bistro after this, it goes without saying that the menu will be influenced by this as well. But David also admits that the restaurant’s name really originated from an episode of South Park which makes a parody of cooking shows. And this is the aspect that the owners prefer – not to take themselves so seriously and instead, concentrating on meeting new people, laughing and building relationships with their customers.

Chef Joaquim, who previously worked for Barroco restaurant and Auberge Saint Gabriel, can now transpose his love for cooking from his home country France, and at the same time, use local products. And this means an ever-changing menu, based upon the availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The same dish has yet to be served for more than one week, and every two days, you can choose from a new menu as it is added to the chalkboard. The dishes are served until stocks run out. We enjoyed identifying and tasting the touches from southern French cuisine that the chef has included in the dishes, and we came across two dishes listed as starters which have to stay on the menu : the charcuterie and socca, a thin unleavened crêpe made with chickpea flour and speciality of southern France. The desserts vary as well, based pretty much on what they feel like preparing and you will want to note that there is good value for your money at Crème Fraîche. The weekend Brunch proposes a menu of classic dishes and fresh market produce.

This neighbourhood bistro is a friendly, unpretentious location where you can easily go for a bite to eat and have a good time. There is good and tasty food to enjoy at Crème Fraîche in what is really a friendly atmosphere!

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