Chinoiseries et Dumplings : Excellent dumplings and more

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Chinoiseries et Dumplings : très bons dumplings au Centre-Ville

Chinoiseries et Dumplings cantine – Sherbooke

  • Schedule Monday - Friday : 11h30 - 23h30
    Saturday : 17h00 - 23h30
    Sunday : closed
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The newest location of Chinoiseries et Dumplings is serving amazing dumplings and Chinese specialties, right in the heart of downtown Montreal.

The term «chinoiserie» stands for decorative objects and works of art inspired by various Asian styles and aesthetics. In this case, ‘chinoiseries’ in Chinoiseries et Dumpling part of stands for the design and décor of the restaurant that opened in December 2017. Owner Charles Brûlé (Chinoiseries et Dumplings on rue Chabot) was whimsically inspired to open a second dining spot, but this time with his famous sister Francine Brûlé (Soubois, Enfants Terribles).

The large seating room fits approximately 60 people and is both stylish and bohemian. The white tablecloths provide a look of elegance, and the various chinoiseries, collected by Claude, certainly add a nomadic look. There is a large bar running the length of the room and the many green plants provide a fresh pop of colour. At the back, there is a gorgeous private room for groups. As a whole, the small aspects of the restaurant come together and create a pleasant atmosphere!

The dumpling recipes are the work Ela Leung, the owner and chef of the first Chinoiseries et Dumplings. There are seven choices on the menu including four pan-seared options: shiitake, tofu and Chinese cabbage; pork and bok choy; chicken and bok choy; and pork, shrimp and chives. These little delicacies are grilled on one side so they are both tender and crispy. There are mini-dumplings as well filled with pork and ginger, accompanied by a peanut sauce (this can be eaten forever!); Xiao long bao (pork ravioli and broth) eaten with ginger and a red vinegar sauce; and fried pork and ginger won-ton. The food is great here, but we come especially for the dumplings – some of the best in Montreal! In this new Chinoiseries et Dumplings, the exquisite dishes are still worth trying, such as the excellent braised pork bao (now included in our best buns), won ton soups, amazing chow mein, grilled vegetables and any of the meat or fish dishes – such as the popular sesame and black garlic salmon and fried cod. As a dessert, the Chinoiseries et Dumplings offers either a tapioca pudding or almond cookies.

They have several beers available and a choice of wines to accompany your meal. The drinks menu is the creation of Maximiliano Valletta Valley (Enfants Terribles). The cocktail selections range from classic to the more original – Mai Tai (dark rum, Grand Marnier, ginger juice, lime juice, barley syrup) to the Hong Kong Vesper (gin, Lillet, saké hakutsuru, orange peel)

« I’m really happy to see Chinoiseries et Dumplings grow. »  And we at Tastet are very pleased to be able to enjoy these dumpling delights right in the city centre! We love the decor, and above all, the excellent dumplings, buns and other house specialties! Do try this latest Chinoiseries et Dumplings location.

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