Ambiance : Festive

Appetizers : 5 - 25$

Mains : 16 - 79$
Desserts : 9 - 11$
Wines : 45$ +


Le Bremner has been open since 2011 and its co-owner, chef Chuck Hughes, is a well-known TV personality. Chuck has also launched a few books and is often seen participating in events connected to Montreal’s ‘foodie’ scene. We love Chuck!

Following the undisputed success of his first restaurant, Garde Manger, this chef opened a second restaurant with his associates Mike Bukacheski, Tim Rozon and Kyle Marshall. Le Bremner’s location is somewhat aside from all the culinary competition in Vieux Montréal, and had mixed reviews in the early days, however, since Chuck’s friend – and talented chef – Danny Smiles took over the kitchen, it has quickly become a destination restaurant for dining. Le Bremner is a great restaurant and charms its patrons for a number of good reasons.

One of these charms is the unique atmosphere. It is not common to find a restaurant like Le Bremner in the basement of a building. There is no signage outside this St-Paul Street East building, yet when inside, the place is very welcoming and lively. The decor is quite traditional, and it’s nice to be surrounded by the original stone and red brick walls, and when looking up, admire the beamed ceilings. The old multipane windows that act as a separator between two spaces help reflect light – it is a basement after all – and the many soft-burning candles give the place a certain intimacy. The locale seems to be full of people all the time, and the sound system plays catchy classic tunes throughout the evening which makes you feel relaxed and because it is all so enjoyable, you start thinking about coming back again.

Like at so many other places, we find ourselves sitting at the bar where we get the full-on Le Bremner experience. This allows us to chat with chef Danny and the bartenders, who are super-busy and super-competent. If this isn’t for you, then there is always the cozy main dining area with its comfortable chairs and tables. The dining room offers around 40 seats, including a dozen at the bar and in the summer, the superb terrace holds another 20 people. This patio, one of Montreal’s most beautiful, was designed in part, by Zébulon Perron and is well-hidden in the back.

Le Bremner’s menu is concise and very well thought through with classics such as cavatelli with lamb, and other popular choices like snow crab, shrimp and lobster. These are dishes with Italian influences plus a touch of Middle Eastern flavours, and the ingredients used are as local as possible. The outcome is a combination of many creative flavours and aromas. These are not overly complicated dishes yet the quality of the products and the level of preparation (plus generous portions), result in very good and tasty food. If you are a fan of seafood, order one of the different choices because they are renowned for being the best of fresh plus the care that is given to the presentation. We also love the pasta dishes inspired by Danny’s original recipes but don’t overlook their classic crêpe for dessert because it is also really worth ordering!

Co-owner Mike takes care of Le Bremner’s wine list that is mostly made up of private imports, ranging from $45 to over $400. There are many classics, but if you like, there are also several new, small and interesting labels to discover.

We love the intimate and festive atmosphere at Le Bremner. The quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff are also highly appreciated.


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